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Our plumber will help you with your plumbing issues in your house in Amstelveen.

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Our plumbers work in Amstelveen

Our plumber works in Amstelveen and it's surroundings. You can call our plumber to help you with all plumbing issues, Just call our customer service and we will help you.

Our customer service and plumber speak English and will understand your needs immediately. Our plumber has experience with every sort of house. Old buildings or modern apartments, we’ve seen them all and we’ve done them all. We do our utmost to make our clients happy.

Our plumber is a technical expert. AKL Loodgieter built a great track record in the last 25 years in Amstelveen and the North of Holland. Because we do every plumbers job with success. We are specialized in cases of emergency.


Our plumbing service is safe

For example when you can’t use your water or when you have a breach or leakage. Don’t waste your time looking for a cheap hustler, but let our professional do the job safe and with guarantee of success.

Our plumber and drainage experts use the best and modern equipment, that will always do the job. AKC Loodgieter also offers a maintenance service in Amstelveen, to prohibit any problems to occur in the future.

Our service is safe because we work under the safety rules of Dutch government and international standards. Our maintenance is affordable and will enable you to give us anytime an emergency call.

Besides the usual jobs of our plumber we also provide maintenance of roofs in Amstelveen. We can clean or repair your gutter. We also install and repair various heating systems.

Our goal is to improve your comfort, so you can always use your gas, your warm water and not be the victim of flooding. Our plumber does a great job and is not expensive. We don’t charge you for driving to your house or apartment. Check here our friendly fee.